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Prayer is talking to God; meditation is God talking to you. This is a compilation of information, guides, and resources all about meditation, spirituality and other metaphysical arts.
Astrology is much more than the single zodiac sign assigned to you based on your date of birth. The stars have been observed, studied, and worshiped for thousands of years by numerous civilizations for a reason.
New-age science has come a long way. Some scientists study subatomic particles, like electrons and photons, as well as even smaller particles. This field of study, called quantum physics, is approching the realm of spirituality. 
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If I could tell you one thing and only one thing, it would be that
you create your own reality.
In other words, life is much more than a sequence of random events that you just deal with. Our thoughts, emotions, intentions, beliefs, expectations, and actions all have an energy that echo throughout the cosmos. Through the law of attraction, the cosmos responds by manifesting in physical form what you've been projecting all along.  Every fearful thought, every laugh, and every angry word you project lays the tracks for what you want to attract more of in your life. You are literally the ultimate creator of your own reality. The key then is having the focus, will power, and patience to manifest your heart's desires. Or in other words, to align your thoughts, emotions, intentions, beliefs, expectations, and actions to that of your heart's desires. Practicing this self-mastery is the journey of life.
With this in mind, I am subtly telling you that all of the power and wealth you could ever imagine already lies within you. Practicing self-mastery is the key to understanding and realizing it within your own life. Do you wake up and stress about your morning commute, complain about the weather, or worry about finances? Or do you wake up and feel grateful for being alive in the first place, for your health and for the people you love in your life? Are you annoyed with washing the dishes or are you grateful that you have dishes that allow you to enjoy delicious meals?
I am also implicitly telling you that life is as much an inward journey as it is an outward journey. Many people would like you to think that purchasing material things will make you feel a certain way. But the exact opposite is true! Cultivate a sense of a particular feeling within yourself, and you will begin to watch it unfold within your life. Purchasing things can make you feel special, sexy, or comfortable, but only for short period of time. Because eventually, that new pair of shoes will become just a pair of shoes, exactly like the old pair next to it. 
Another way to say you create your own reality is you have you have the capacity to change your viewpoint on life. We all experience life in a unique way, which suits who we are as individuals. And our experiences are determined by our viewpoints. We each have our thoughts, feelings, and views on everything in this world. The Chicago skyline can evoke countless emotions and thoughts within each of us. The only difference is our perspective on the skyline. In reality, the skyline remains the same. With this in mind, in order to truly travel and see new landscapes in life is to change your perspective of life. Changing and growing as an individual starts with facing and accepting the dark sides of your nature. This will grant you new eyes to view the world through.